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Why should you do this? The federal government hands out $Billions in contracts and sets aside a part of that (29%) for Small Business. Could your bottom line benefit from some of that? Can you do this on your own? Sure you can, but what we teach you in eight hours of intense instruction has taken us 25 years to learn. Can you learn what we know studying on the Internet or going to free government training sessions?

Maybe. But here is the truth, no government employee is going to critique his own agency or tell you the short cuts through the process, even if he/she happens to know them. At this workshop we tell you things that you will not hear anywhere else, because we are not beholding to anyone. We truly want you to succeed and really care that you do. Even if you could get all this out of a book, or in a webinar, even if you chose to do it yourself for free, how long will that take you and what's that going to cost you? It has taken us 25 years. Do not miss another opportunity. While we cannot guarantee results, we do guarantee satisfaction, so there is nothing to lose. Just see our workshop guarantee.

In the past this type of workshop has been taught from either a Procurement Manager's perspective or a lawyer's perspective. Lets face it, Washington, DC is run by these types. Funny thing is, neither of these two types have ever sold anything to the federal government. The New Paradigm Workshops are taught from vendors perspective, your perspective. That makes us unique as well as more understandable and directly related to your objective and your work in securing federal contracts. Click here to see our Small Business Workshop Agenda.

What You Will Take with You from the Workshop

  • A list of current opportunities in for your product

  • Studies on the largest and latest awards in your primary NAICS code

  • A list of Contract Officers (CO's and KO's) that buy what you sell

  • The next quarters expiring contracts in your primary NAICS code

  • Complete packets on each expiring contract including a contract summary

  • Information about the current vendor

  • A list of questions you should ask the CO/KO or SBS about the expiring contract

Who Should Come

  • Registered Small Business contractors

  • Those who desire to be so

  • Company Owners and Presidents, CEO's, COO's, CFO's

  • Business Development Management Staff Companies that want more grants and contracts

  • Those who desire their first contract or grant

  • Companies with connections and those that desire connections

  • Companies that want to learn more about the contracting process

Innovation and Research Grants

The US government has set aside $2.8 Billion in direct grants this year and all of it is targeted to small business. Come and learn how to identify and obtain direct government research grants for your small business or agency. See how to qualify and win these grants!


Get your slice of the pie. Learn how it is done.

Learn six powerful techniques for Sole Source Contracting. The Harvard Case Study Method is used to show how it is done. Means and methods are presented along with insightful questions you can ask to empower your company into the sole source contracting arena. Is it legal? How is it justified? When is it done? Who can do it? How often does this occur? This single idea can make a millionaire out of a street merchant or a billionaire out of a college kid. It could happen to you, but you may never find out if you do not come. It is the most powerful idea we teach and, by the way, we are the only ones that do. Not convinced? Do you know TIPPPA?

Every seminar runs from 9 AM to 4 PM and includes lunch. Afterward there is a time of networking for the attendees and one on one, informal counseling with the instructor. Get your most pressing concerns answered by an expert. Due to the interactive nature of our experiential teaching process we limit each group to 15 companies. We do not accept "Walk-ins." We prepare individually for each attendee. This is an exclusive workshop held only for those who qualify. Seats go quickly. Join us today.

All Small Business Federal Contracting Workshops

Why should you come?

If you are a beginner in Federal Contracting or have never won a contract, sometimes it is simply a matter of joining with the right Prime to pursue opportunities. We match Large Primes with small businesses everyday.

Learn How to Win Contracts Now

  • To locate contracting opportunities

  • To cut the red tape from the process

  • To organized a simple strategy to win contracts

  • To identify the contracts you should pursue

  • To learn how to meet contracting decision makers

  • To take the mystery out of Federal Contracting


One scholarship is granted at each workshop for a worthy small business. Please complete the registration form, click the scholarship request button and tell us how your small business would benefit from this learning. It is a competitive process so tell us why you think your company is worthy. To request a Scholarship just click "Scholarships" in the signup form.


Late Registration Fee $1197

Early On-line Discount $200


One week Prior to the workshop the early online discount disappears.

So avoid the late fee. Sign up today and save. Seats are limited.

Send in your registration form to see if you qualify. Not everyone does. We will call you back and let you know you if you do.Click Registration

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