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We Locate Partnering and Subcontracting Opportunities for You

No matter where you are in the USA or some exotic international location we can help with subcontracting opportunities. We follow top industry contracts and talk frequently with the PM's, CO's and KO's. We know what they need and can help you get in front of them. Using our knowledge base and proprietary software we locate opportunities and get you in front of interested buyers with Prime Contractors that could use you on the contracts they have and the ones they are pursuing all for a flat monthly fee. Just complete the form below and someone will call to settle the arrangement to your satisfaction.

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There may be times when the "Send" button will not work. If that is the case, please feel free to email, text or call @954-560-6081 and sign up.  The email address is < >

Registration and Payment are separate actions. If you wish to get started right  away just press BUY NOW below and complete the transaction. If you have questions let talk about how NPM can help you succeed.

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If you experience difficulties in registering, or paying feel free to call and sign up over the phone. If you are using any browser other than Explorer, Chrome or Fire Fox you may experience difficulties with this system. The system only supports Explorer, Chrome and Fire Fox.

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