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8(a) Sole Source and Competitive Expiring Contracts Report

This is only for serious contractors. Send the form and pay the fee. Get the report. Win the contract. 

New Paradigm has been helping small businesses make these connections and get work for since 1983. Whether it be as a small business prime or as simple subcontracting or complex Mentor Protege, New Paradigm knows the ropes.

Get ahead of the game. Anticipate needs. Position yourself for renewing contracts. See who is winning, who is not, how many contracts they won, how big they were. Position yourself to get the big contract next time.

Expiring 8(a) Contracts -The list is constantly changing. Its time to get involved.




Email Address

Notes, NAICS Codes, Key Words

Payment is a completely separate function and must accompany the order.

 Buy today and save. Prices will be going up soon.

8(a) Expiring Contracts Report


Our process: We go through literally thousands of contracts identifying the ones that fit the prescribed parameters culling them down to the ones for you to pursue that offer a higher likelihood of success.  And provide you with a list of contracts now through the end of next year.

If you have questions before making a decision we would love to answer them, just call or text 954-560-6081 or email us at

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