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Government Business Starter Kit 

For those who have never had a Federal Contract, we recognize that many small business owners are overwhelmed with details or work and being away from the shop or the office means that the work stops.

So we have created a starter kit for small business to give them a leg up on securing business with the federal government and for getting started in Federal Contracting. We do the research for you so that you can focus on sales.

To recieve a Your Powerful Starter Kit, just click below, complete the form and press send.

Select an option

Government Starter Kit Order Form

Primary NAICS Code (If you know it)

Contact Name

Email Address

Best Phone Number to Call

Name of Business

Cage Code (if Available)

Indicate Best Date for you.

Indicate Best Time for the Analyst to Call. We will make every attempt to reach you, but please pardon us if we are unable.

Please state your time zone and any other information you think will help us serve you better.

Payment is a completely separate function and must accompany the order.

$997.00 Normally

$697 Now (save $300)


Since you are already registered you will receive:

1. An analysis of the market potential of your business in your primary NAICS code.

2. A list of five to 25 opportunities for your company available right now.

3. A list of federal buyers names with contact information who buy what you sell in your market area.

4. An hour of consultation on the phone with an analyst to help you get started.

5. Access to a free resource to help you create this list for yourself the very next day.

6. Marketing Guide to the Defense Logistics Agency.

7. Marketing Guide to the Department of Defense.

8. A list of federal buying installations and agencies in your state.

9. The top 10 Prime contractors in your market.

10. The 10 most recent contracts awarded for the product or services you sell.

11. Fifteen Primes looking for partners.

12. Find out what it takes to get immediate payment.

All this for the incredible low price of $997.00

What Happens Next: Once you complete the form below and submit payment, an analyst will call you at the time you designate to schedule your session. Be prepared to answer questions about your business: where it is, what it does, how it works, your key words and past government experience if any, your primary NAICS code(s), annual sales last year, 

your desires for the business and other questions relevant to your industry and the government procurement process.

The Process: A Business Analyst will call and consult with you to create this starter kit for you and your specific business in your geographic area. He will ask you several diagnostic questions and advise you of elements of the process and how they fit together so that you can take this list and these items and start immediately marketing your products and services to government agencies in your area.

Some people can do this, others need direction. That is why we have consulting services, custom research and conduct workshops all over the country. If you think you can work with our starter kit and do this on your own, complete the form below and let's get started. The discount is going away soon, so act now.

Questions? Text me at 954-560-6081 and give me your name.

If you experience difficulties in paying, feel free to call and sign up over the phone. If you are using any browser other than  Chrome, Edge, Explorer or Fire Fox you may experience difficulties with this payment system. 

New Paradigm Management LLC

Serving Small Business Since 1983

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