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Women's Workshop Sign-up Page

 If you are just interested in workshops for All Small Business Click here.


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Select a Workshop then press Send below.

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Click the subject that interests you the most.

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Scholarships are available and awarded competitively. Tell us how you think you could benefit from coming to this workshop in the comment box below.

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Tell us what you hope to get out of this workshop.

Payment is due at the time of registration.

Late Registration Fee $997

Early On-line Discount $200

The price on this workshop will be going up soon.

Take advantage of the current pricing.


One week Prior to the workshop the early online discount disappears.

So avoid the late fee. Sign up today and save. Seats are limited.

 If you experience difficulties in paying, feel free to call and sign up over the phone. If you are using any browser other than Explorer or Fire Fox you may experience difficulties with this payment system. The payment system only supports Explorer and Fire Fox.

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