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The WOSB Workshop Agenda

Welcome and Opening Remarks


  • The RFP and RFQ Cycles

  • Sources Sought, Pre-solicitation, Solicitation

  • Set Aside groups - Meeting the Qualifications

  • Finding buyers

  • Identifying a buyer's level

  • Locating Immediate Opportunities

  • Developing Selection Criteria


  • Case Studies

  • Means and Methods

  • Six Techniques - TIPPPA Rules

  • Qualifications and Positioning


  • Market Research

  • Know your market

  • Locating "Expiring Contracts" that you can do.

  • Public Sources you will need, FOIA requests

  • Business Intelligence - paying for it.

  • Who is buying what and how much, from whom, how often, at what price?

  • When did you say that contract was expiring?

  • Strategies: Preparing your business for success

  • Teaming, Joint Ventures, Prime and Sub-contracting, Sourcing


(The essence of contract capture)

  • Making the Decision

  • Identifying the Competition

  • Understanding the requirement and the buyer

  • Positioning and pricing your offer

  • Situational intelligence - Thales/ Julius Caesar/ Octavian/ Cleopatra

  • Moving intelligently to defeat the competition, in pivotal and decisive ways

  • Relationship: the difference between success and failure

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Examples for Each Attendee

  • Finding Opportunities

  • Analyzing the Market

  • Understanding the Requirements and the Buyer

  • Making the Go-No Go Decision

  • Knowing the Competition

  • Identifying the Program Manager (end user)

  • Knowing the Rules and Applying Them to your Advantage

  • Preparing and Submitting the Bid or Required Response

Questions Every Seller Has

  • How to do business with the DLA and DOD

  • Is a GSA schedule/contract worth your investment?

  • Does moving within broad circles help?

  • Shaping Your Identity - The Line Card/ Capabilities Statement

  • Setting a capabilities briefings when, why and with whom?

  • What do I say when I call to be successful?

Filing and Dealing with Protest

  • How to respond

  • How to file

  • Popular Basis for Protest

SBIR/STTR Grant Programs

  • Program Basics

  • What are your chances?

  • Proposal Submissions and Deadlines

  • Program Funding Sources

  • Solicitation Updates

  • Phase I, ($150K) Phase II ($750K) and Phase III

  • Agency Mission Driven

Some of theThings you will receive at the workshop:

  • A list of 15 major Primes looking to partner with Small Businesses.

  • A list of 25 to 100 Federal buyers who buy what you sell.

  • A list of 5 to 25 open contracts or opportunities for you.

  • An ability to create such a list for yourself the very next day.

  • A Plethora of free resources to help you achieve success.

  • Knowledge of how to approach buyers and grant program managers to your greatest advantage.

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