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Recent Workshop Testimonials

Hi Dean,

We just got back to Colorado and I can't wait to start working with all the great information and resources you provided. I really enjoyed your class and the Subject!! Jeanne S. (Aircraft Parts Manufacturer - Denver, CO)

Hi Dean,

I want to thank you again for the workshop and all the valuable information. I am looking forward to jumping in with both feet!

Dee Anne Y. (Food Manufacturer - Norfolk, VA)

Hello Mr. Ledbetter,

I wanted to thank you for the information you shared on last week during the workshop. It was most insightful and educational as well. I consider it a wise investment as I now have more hope of providing our professional services all over the nation.

Sharon J. (Social Service Provider - Raleigh, N.C.)

Hi Dean,

I wanted to thank you for hosting an excellent workshop yesterday. The information presented was timely, well-organized, and your presentation style was relaxed and engaging. As a result, I’m able to narrowly focus my efforts on those classifications and opportunities specific to my business plan. Additionally, information on how to engage COs, their support model and bidding procedure has demystified the process and shifted me to a position of empowerment.

Tom M. ( Engineering Design- Denver, CO.)


Great session, very helpful. My background is all with large companies, retired from Boeing, so this really helped me understand the small business world. Very detailed session, tailored on the run to questions asked and concerns generated. The small number of attendees supported a very personal approach. Don't change that.

Doug W. (IT- San Antonio, TX)

Good afternoon Dean,

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and feel that we got a lot of great information from it. We really appreciate all of this information you forwarded and will put it to good use. Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop and sharing some of your vast wealth of knowledge with us. You certainly delivered on everything you promised. It was awesome!

Michelle S. (Communications Equipment Distributor, Florida)

Mr. Ledbetter,

All I can say is WOW! Every time I lifted my head from my computer screen I was blown away with all the opportunity I am missing. Knowing what I know now, I am putting everything aside and applying for 8(a) and SDVOSB status. Then I am going straight to the VA!

Yvonne M. (General Contractor, San Diego, CA)

Dr. Ledbetter,

I throughly enjoyed your workshop. I learned lots of new things that will definitely help me with my business. I think I am going to be your new best friend!

Cynthia P. (Security Guard Services, Florida)


The information provided was very well-organized, and plentiful. I especially appreciated the real life examples of the situations presented. The course booklet was very well put together, with lots of space for notes. You did a great job with the conference. I shared some of the opportunities today with my staff. We have lots work to do.

Charlotte S. (Electronic Components Manufacturer - Florida)

Hello Dr. Ledbetter,

In my opinion, the course was very informative and provided general insight to federal contracting and how to access different opportunities and the wealth of information that is available for WOSBs. The course also touched on what I needed to hear most, which was the importance of building relationships. I need to work on that more since I am introverted.

Jennifer B. (Medical Staffing Professional - Augusta, Ga.)


This is a high quality, content rich, presentation with a lot of additional resources provided. I learned a lot that I can use directly and immediately to build my government contracting business. I would recommend this workshop to any business owner interested that.

Sue R. (Curriculum Consultant - Los Angeles, CA)

Mr. Ledbetter,

Thanks a Million! Good job of showing the path to doing business with the government.

Linda M. (Contractor - Washington, D.C.)


It was an absolute pleasure attending your workshop! I learned quite a bit from the workshop and hopefully will get to put it to good use. I would be more than happy to explore your other services because I may require them in the near future. I still need to pick your brain about bid protests though ....................

Sean D. ( Facilities Maintenance Contractor, Jacksonville Florida).

Hello Mr. Ledbetter:

Great Workshop. It was a pleasure meeting you and picking your brain. I really feel that I acquired some great ways to improve $$$ for our company. ......................Everyone would find this information and direction helpful.

Lynn D. (Transportation Company Parts Division Mgr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania )


It was helpful that you had done your homework and were familiar with our business! I thought the information presented was very practical and useful! Great session!

Sherry A. (Medical Management Consultant - NYC)

Hi Dean:

The program was beyond expectations. Your ability to "get into the weeds" very patiently was exactly what we and our clients needed so that we can get in the Federal Procurement game. I am jazzed-thats all I can say. You are exactly what we needed.

Linda M. (State Government Lobbyist and PR - Tallahassee, FL)

Dean: Thank you for the informative seminar, I look forward to applying the tools that were presented and going through the wealth of information you supplied in this email. As we continue to pursue opportunities, I will keep you in mind as a potential partner to explore your services further. Have a wonderful day!

Roni (IT Service Provider and Consultant, Dallas, Texas)

Thanks for sharing your information in a concise format. You answered all my questions directly. I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone who has completed the basics and is ready to move to the next level.

Linda C. (IT Cloud Expert, Washington, D.C.) 

Dean - thank you so much for an excellent class. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. You are a great instructor and held our interest all day. I think I would like to talk to you about Teaming. Not sure I am ready to get my own contract. I feel like I got more information than I paid for. Not that often you can say that about a workshop. Thank you again.

I won't be back home till the 31st and leave on the 2nd again. I will get in touch with you. I feel like everyone else in the class feels the same about the information you provided us. We need more people like you to help us newbies. Good luck to you, great meeting you,

Cathy (Consultant, St. Louis, Mo.)

Dean: Excellent workshop. Very well done. Thank you for knowing so much and your presentation style. Hopefully you will be able to send some of the emails you discussed. I look forward to keeping in touch with you, and perhaps if some contracts come through next quarter, I may be able to ask you to work more closely with BBR. -

Patricia (Manufacturer, Tallahassee, Florida)

Hello Dean,

I really enjoyed the workshop, I have so much information to work with, I am sure I will be interested in a one on one conversation. I appreciate all of your time in this matter.

Joann (Service Provider, Chicago, Illinois)

Mr. Ledbetter,

To those established small business owners who are ready to appreciate and understand the magnitude of opportunities for doing business with the government the New Paradigm workshop helped me in defining the opportunity, preparing for the actual contracting opportunities by finding the leads and providing the most current resources available to help leverage my business with the Department of Defense.

Time is a gift! The workshop seemed to fly by for me. All of us, ladies appreciated and valued your presentation. Thank you for sharing with us all the important information and the resources needed to better serve our customer. -

Charlotte B. (Product Representative, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

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