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Sole Source Contracting for Small Business

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We use the Harvard Case Study Method to discern and learn the critical truths about Sole Source Contacting. We focus on small business because that is where the biggest opportunity lies. The process is not nearly as rare as the government would have you believe. We uncover six techniques to position your company, product and service for sole source contracts.

Learn this and whole lot more about government contracting for Small Business. Whether you are a machine shop or a management consultant this workshop will open you eyes to the reality faced by every contractor trying to break-in and sustain a position in the government market.

Knowing these six techniques gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors and aggressive buyers. We review actual and recent contracts for companies large and small.

We cover:

  • Opportunity Identification

  • Winning Contracts

  • Six techniques for strategic advantage

  • Relationship Development

  • Market Analysis

  • Finding Potential Teaming Partners

  • Understanding the Situational Dynamics in Sole Source Procurement

  • What kind of Product Qualifies?

  • What about Services?

  • Who is it important to know and why?

  • How to make contact

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