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SDVOSB Expiring Contracts Pipeline Report

Send the form and pay the fee. Get the report. Win the contract.

Get ahead of the game. Anticipate needs. Position yourself for renewing contracts. See who is winning, who is not, how many contracts they won, how big they were. Position yourself to get the big contract next time.

Expiring SDVOSB Contracts

New Paradigm has done the research so you don't have to. But hurry every day that passes an opportunity disappears. Our research reveals recurring multiple task order contracts that are coming up for renewal. In your business and often in your backyard.

For SDVOSB contractors we have identified by NAICS code, keywords and state, and agency contracts that will expire. This presents a unique opportunity for any SDVOSB, but especially the ones that are highly skilled but have few or no federal contracts under their belt.

We deliver:

  • a list of hundreds of SDVOSB contracts expiring now to October 2020

  • a contract summary (size, dates, description)

  • information about the incumbent

  • contact information for the CO/KO and/or

  • the Program Manager who can help.




Email Address

Notes, NAICS Codes, Key Words

Payment is a completely separate function and must accompany the order.

     $1799 Normally

For a limited time get $250 off

     $1499 Now

Our process: We go through literally thousands of contracts identifying the ones that fit the prescribed parameters culling them down to the ones for you to pursue that offer a higher likelihood of success. 

If you have questions before making a decision we would love to answer them, just call 954-560-6081 or email us at <>, better yet, email a copy of your cape statement for a free instant review.

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