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Online Web based Training at Your Convenience

New Paradigm is proud to offer financial training to its clients. By making your accounting comply with federal standards, it provides answers to questions before they are asked, facilitates financial oversight and eases contracting compliance. As self-study courses, you can take these courses at your own pace. All Glows Corp courses have been aligned with DoD standards. Easy course navigation makes learning on your terms possible. Numerous testimonials from highly credible sources on the Glows Corp Web site affirm the uniqueness, utility and value of these courses.

These courses provide access, world-wide, to all interested parties in familiarizing themselves with U.S. Federal Accounting, which is different from State and Local, Non-Profit, NGO, and Fund Accounting, also to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits.

This course is an introduction to federal financial management for entry-level students or experienced accountants currently working in the federal accounting and financial management area. It also can serve as a refresher for accountants who may be returning to federal client service or those seeking to work with or join government entities.

       Cost: $1180.00 CPE Credits: 24

Federal agencies are required to obligate and spend within the limits set by legal set allotments. Part I of this course will cover the Commitment and Obligation documents which are used to maintain control over Federal funds. Part II will cover the documents used to process receiving, invoicing and vouching. Part III will cover the payment process.

      Cost: $792.00 CPE Credits: 16

Knowledge of this subject is a must for all Federal accounting professionals that deal with budgeting. The course provides an understanding of the flow of funding from Congress through to the Agencies and Departments, and illustrates the many conditions and circumstances that require this specialized knowledge.

      Cost: $396.00 CPE Credits: 8

The USSGL is the foundation of all federal accounting.Virtually all federal financial transactions are based upon the USSGL. It provides uniform treatment of similar transactions. It is the basis for reporting requirements for OMB, Treasury, and meeting the requirements of the CFO Act. It provides for consolidation of all federal agency transactions.It is a guideline for proper classification of postings and cross-walks to financial reports.

      Cost $198.00 CPE Credits: 5

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