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The patent pending STTarx(R) Cyber Security software package has been and is being successfully tested by a number of government and private institutions such as:

  • US - SOCOM

  • Blackbird Technologies

  • University of Troy/Alabama

  • Soft Zolutions Inc.

Other companies and institutions are testing the software right now. To date none of the penetration testers have been able to break the software and leave his signet on the website behind the protection.

The testers are full of compliments for the software package with statements like:

"We have never seen something like this - the protection is 2 -3 levels ahead of anything on the market" 

"The (attacked) hosts were unresponsive to all network probes carried out by the analysts; (the software) performed above expectations. The attacks run against the software were sophisticated network reconnaissance attacks. Its ability to completely withstand such persistent attacks is (....) unique."

For a white paper on the STTarx(R) Cyber Security System go to Info You Need and download a file named "STTarx - VCS White Paper."

Please fill out the form below and a representative will follow-up to answer questions

and/or set up a test for your system.

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