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We are looking for small companies that are not afraid to go big. 

If you are looking for a federal contract we can help you find it. We have been helping small business since 1983. We offer workshops on contracting, and direct assistance through our consulting services, RFP response, and direct marketing work as part of your team.

Just review the various offerings on the left had side of this page and click on the one that peaks your interest. If you want to know why you should do this just read below.

Gain Traction in Federal Contracting 

We help you gain traction. The Federal government will be the best customer you ever had. They buy consistently. They pay their bills in 30 days. You never have to worry about them going out of business. We cut the red tape for you. We offer assistance by pairing you up as a subcontractor with the big guys who have the $Billion dollar contracts. Just complete the form below to get started. We offer a Small Business Expiring Contracts Report for those companies who know they need research on opportunities and sales prospects to turn them into customers. It is always important to be in front of people who buy what you sell. For those small businesses that need to be in front of new buyers continually we offer our KO/CO (Contract Officer) contact Service. Especially for the 8(a) contractors we offer the 8(a) Sole Source Expiring Contracts Report. We pay particular attention to contracts where the incumbent no longer qualifies. Additionally we do custom reports. Pricing is variable for nonstandard reports so call us. Lets talk about it. Text or call us at 954-560-6081. (Text is best) 

If you're interested in a partner with experience at the client agency that can help strengthen your proposal, we can help find them for you.  We do this through a variety of means that include teaming, joint ventures, and prime/subcontracting relationships.  Just click on Consulting Services on the left and lets get started.

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8A Sales Pipeline Report $1499

KO/CO Service $1250                     

SB Expiring Contracts Report $1499

Bigger, Better, Faster Leads $1499

Government Starter Kit $697  

Sole Source Contracting

Get your slice of the pie. See how it is done.

Learn six (VI) powerful Techniques for Sole Source Contracting. We use the Harvard case method to show how it works. Means and methods are presented along with insightful questions you can ask to empower your company into the sole source contracting arena. Is it legal? How is it justified? When is it done? Who can do it? How often does this occur? This single idea can make a millionaire out of a street merchant or a billionaire out of a college kid. It has happened many times over to people you already know. 

National Bid Network is the Quintessential Database

We combine the world's most powerful federal database with one of the finest consultants for personalized service from start to finish so you are truly set up for success. We make this service available to you on a subscription basis so you can stay on top of your game. We become part of your team and teach your staff the fundamentals needed to successfully sell to the government. Click the National Bid Network page (above, right) to see more. NBN

Our consulting services cover all small businesses, regardless of the socio-economic group. Whether you are a GSA contractor or a person with an idea or a skill set and not much else, we can help you create transactions generating millions in revenues or R&D dollars, where there was little or nothing before. Click on the Consulting Services page (above, left) to see how.

Federal Contracting Workshops 

We offer a New Paradigm in federal contracting workshops to small Business. Our workshop series focuses on Small Business and Women Owned Small Businesses.

The government, including the Department of Defense, has a 23% goal for Small Business and a 5% goal for contracts for women. The government is pursuing these goals with set-aside contracts and regular awards. Learn how to get these contracts for your business at our workshop, even if you think you may not be eligible. We will teach you all of the necessary/vital information no one else, unfortunately, can or will! We will show you how to get results and we guarantee it, so you have nothing to lose. See our guarantee.

On-site Corporate Training

If you don't find a workshop that suits you, consider us for on-site corporate training at your location. Call us at 954-560-6081 to discuss your federal procurement needs or go to our consulting services page and send the form. Someone will call at the time you designate to discuss your objectives and assess you immediate and long term needs. Everything will be tailored to you. Call 954-560-6081

Women Owned Small Gets Sole Source Authority 

 Once again congress comes through easing the rules for women. The federal government has not met its goals regarding awards to women. So the latest Defense Authorization Act of 2015 passed mid December gives authority to contract officers to award contracts to WOSB firms without competition under certain circumstances. The new rule is out. Come learn about the new rules.

In the past, this type of workshop has been taught from either a Purchasing Manager's perspective or a lawyer's perspective. Lets face it Washington, DC is run by these types. Funny thing is, neither of these two types have ever sold anything to the federal government. The New Paradigm Workshops are taught from an experienced vendors perspective, your perspective, a useful perspective. That makes us unique as well as more understandable and directly related to your objective and your work in securing federal contracts. and find your strategic advantage.

Innovation and Research

The US government has set aside $2.8 Billion in direct grants this year and all of it is to small business. Come and learn how to identify and obtain direct government research grants for your small business or agency. See how to qualify and win these grants!

Changes to the WOSB an EDWOSB

You need to know how changes help or hurt your business. Some changes create equality and level the playing field with other socio-economic groups, others lift a cloud of confusion and limitation over the Woman Owned Small Business category.

FAR Subpart 19.7 Requires a Small Business Plan

Subpart 19.7 requires every contract over $700K to have a small business plan.

It prescribes: Statutory items, eligibility requirements, plan requirements, responsibilities of the KO/CO, responsibilities of the administrative officer, and the SBA's role in carrying out the program. Click for more detail.

Top 125 Federal Contractors

Every large contractor has small business requirements. Do you need help hooking up with the big guys? Explore my Prime Matching Service. Click Consulting services.

You are already aware that the federal government is the largest buyer of products and services in the world. The federal government buys from virtually every category of commodity and service. That would include yours! See the Top 125 Prime Contractors on the Info You Need page.

New Paradigm Management LLC

Serving Small Business Since 1983

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