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    Sole Source Workshop for Small Business

Foundations and Fundamentals

Opportunity Identification

Operational Decisions You MUST Make

Six Techniques for Strategic Advantage - TIPPPA

•Review of cases

Market Analysis 

•Who is the Competition?

• The Role of Socio-Economic status in Sole Source $150,000

• Subpart FAR 13.5 Test Awards Program

• SAR – Simplified Acquisition Rules for Small Business

• US Code 2304(a)(1) and FAR 6.302-1

• FAR 13.106-1(b)(1) SAR Rules for purchases less than

The Role of Reality and Situational Dynamics in Sole Source Procurement

Who are they selling to?

•What are the selling and how much?

•What price are they selling at?

•What other dynamics affect price?

•Delineation of the Method

•Individual Application

Important Questions to Answer

•What kind of product qualifies?

•What about Services?

•Who is it important to know?

•How to make contact?

•The Role of Human Nature in government contracting

•What decision can I make now to make it happen?

Filing and Dealing with Bid Protests

• Most Popular Basis for filing Protest

• Size

• Socio-Economic Status

• Conflict of Interests

• Inequitable distribution of Information

Things you will receive after at the workshop includes contact information for these takeaways:

• A list of 15 major Primes looking to partners advantage

• A list of 25 to 100 Federal buyers who buy what you sell

• A list of 5 to 25 open contracts and opportunities

• An ability to create such a list for yourself the next day

• Knowledge of how to approach buyers to your greatest

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