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Get Serious About Government Contracting

January 2012

Dept of State General Construction Contracts

The Department of State just released a presolitication announcement that it intends to issue 25 contracts worth $100,000,000 each. Each contract would be for a Five year period. It intends to set aside contracts for Women, for Service Disabled Veterans, for Hub Zone, Small Business and 8(a) companies.
I have been working on this since August of last year and sense a sincere interest on the part of the lead architectural buyer to achieve these set-aside goals; however, if there are not enough from each category to express interest in bidding, then the number of contracts for the designated groups will be reduced.

Our Database

My clients are simply blown away by my database. It goes back over 25 years on every part, product, and contract. Of course there are many that that are not that old and some that are older. But the competitive information at my fingertips is incredible and we make this database available for a simple monthly subscription to our customers. Its true that there are over 13,000,000 items that the military buys and each one as an NSN number. We maintain a history on all of them.
Four times a day this database is updated with new opportunities, awards and personnel changes. Oh yes it has all the government buyers in it too. How many of them are there? Try 60,000 in the various levels 1, 2 ad 3 spread among all the agencies. So selling to the government is like selling to a large corporation. You have to know the buyers of what you sell or how do you find them. There are public sources. I show the attendees at the workshop. It could take you hours and hours to compile even a partial list. In our database everything is there. Drawing for the parts and hardware, names of Contract Officers with phone numbers, and email addresses. Its truely a sellers Shangri-La. DIL

Workshop v Seminar

So why do I call it a workshop rather than a seminar? I think about a workshop as an  experiential learning event where new ideas are presented and immediately tested and in some cases applied. That is what we have.
Its not an event where people come, sit listen and take notes and go home with a workbook trying to remember what was said. Not at all, but they have already applied the things real time as they are presented to the group, finding opportunities, doing market research, learning how is buying and who is not.