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December 2011

Other Services

Mr. Ledbetter,
My company is a machine shop. I have 15 employees and own all my equipment. We are  like a lot of companies. We have gone through a real dry spell. Out revenues are lower than last year and I've been putting money into the company to keep it the talent in tact, essentially paying the employees out of my pocket. We have never done business with the government, but some of my big customers do. I am looking for a way to  stabilize and increase sales, federal contracting parts and hardware will be a new market for us, but I like it because it is the same things we already make.

Six Sigma Process Improvement

We've added a new service for Machine Shops. Its a process improvement product
performed by our in-house Engineering Staff that has many years of experience helping
domestic and international manufacturers improve product quality and profitability. Take a look at our Six Sigma Machine Shop page for more information.
Happy contracting,
Dean Ledbetter

Importance of NAICS codes

Dear Dean

Thanks for this very quick and kind response.

My most descriptive NAICS codes are: 541620, 541690 and 541720

Earlier his week I was informed by WBENC that I will receive my formal 3rd
party certification as a WOSB from them by the end of next week.

I have also moved to a Hubzone location and will be certified as a "Hubzone"
business by February 15, 2012. I am currently in the process of hiring my first
Hubzone employee.

My 8A application was uploaded into the SBA system yesterday.

By the time of the session I should have my certification as a Minority

Research Questions

 I went to the government research site ( and could pull back statistics but could not get to the location where you were in class... Looking up the contracts that had ended.
Hi Patrice,
The expiring contracts were on the my database, Patrice. They are available to by direct search on

Comprehensive Guide

Hey Dean,
After our class I went to florida and took my book left it there and now they can't find it! Is there anyway I can get another one! :(
Sure, Patrice, just send me $12.50 plus $7.50 S&H and I'll send it out UPS.


Hi Dean,

I just need a little assistance to know what I am doing regarding becoming a vendor for the government. What I have completed so far:

1) Registered with CCR
2) Registered with FBO

I have my DUNS and NAICS codes. Now what do I do next?

Making Millionaires Out of Our Customers

We are very excited about the newest service added to the website.
In conjunction with the normal consulting that we do we are offering subscriptions to National Bid Network, the greatest repository of information on government contracting that exists today.
NBN is the professionals resource for access, knowledge and technology for bidding on government contracts. The shear size of the database is so great that describing all its capabilities is a daunting task itself.