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Get Serious About Government Contracting

March 2011

SDVOSB New Interim Rule

Starting today, agencies will have to justify the award of contracts worth more than $20 million to companies in the 8(a) business development program.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation Councils are adding new controls to the 8(a) program specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of small companies passing through most of the work to large vendors. Under the 8(a) program, companies owned by Alaskan Native Corporations, Native American firms or others that fall into a similar category, must do at least 51 percent of the work under the contract.


The WOSB repository is finally up and accepting documentation. I am seeing more and more WOSB requirements mentioned by the primes. But there is a problem. Most WOSB's do not have sufficient bonding capacity to qualify for the big jobs and many primes simply will not work with a small business that lacks bonding capacity. The SBA as come up with a $250,000 bonding program for anyone with a qualifying credit score.
It just goes to show we need to be in touch with the SBA.

Are there enough Qualified SDVOSB's

Dean Ledbetter• Not enough qualified SDVOSB's..hmmm..that's the argument, but is it true? I get the "gut" feeling that the group here does not think so. Are they
wrong? They complain about not being considered because they lack certain
"past performance" read "experience" with the specific type of work being
requested or they lack bondng capacity for construction jobs, or they lack
financing for the big contracts, problems ad infinitm.

There are ways around those constraints, but they are nonetheless real, and