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Get Serious About Government Contracting

DOL Requires Federal Contracors to Offer Paid Sick Leave

U.S. Department of Labor plans to issue proposed new regulations  by September 30, 2016 seeking to require certain parties that contract with the Federal Government to provide their employees with paid sick leave. The impact of the Department's NPRM, if finalized, would be substantial. 

In the meantime, covered employers should take steps now to ensure that they are aware of what will need to be done to comply with the Order and are in position to execute on those changes and update their policies when the final rule is issued.

Tips for finding New Federal Business Opportunities

DOD Directive on use of LPTA

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Women Get Sole Source Authority

Changes in the WOSB 8(M)

Changes are coming to the WOSB. These are essentially mandated by congress.  In summary the WOSB will be empowered by the new law to win sole source contracts, based on certain caveats. Second the definition of the 8(m) category will change. That is important because its is that category that is qualified for set-asides. All these changes are covered in the workshop so that Women Owned Small Businesses can position themselves for the new reality.

Federal Accounting Requirements

Lots of people have questions about federal accounting compliance and requirements. Here is your forum for questions.

Questions about getting a GSA schedule

Lots of people have questions about the process and the cost of getting a GSA schedule. So here is you forum for answers.

Government Starter Kit

We have recently reduced the price on our government starter kit and sales are going well on it, but we are getting lots of questions on it and some of them are really great questions. So this blog is going to share a few of them with those of you who are interested in this thread.

finding Opportunities

how can I find contracts for my small IT business?

Is SBIR/STTR Really Free Money?

I have heard about SBIR/ STTR but don't know much about the two programs. How do they differ and is it really free money that you do not have to pay back? Does the government own the rights to your invention? How does this work?