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Contact New Paradigm to arrange a workshop at a convenient date for your corporation so that you can get everyone on the same page. Federal Contracting is a different animal filled with rules and requirements unknown to the private sector. Some of those rules will benefit you and some will stop you dead in your tracks.  Let New Paradigm show you the road and all its charms. Email us at info@newparadigm.us or text us at 954-560-6081.

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In the past, this type of workshop has been taught from either a Purchasing Manager's perspective or a lawyer's perspective. Lets face it, Washington, DC is run by these types. The funny thing is, neither of these two types have ever sold anything to the federal government.  The New Paradigm Workshops are taught from vendors perspective, your perspective. That makes us unique as well as more understandable and directly related to your objective and your work in securing federal contracts. We guarantee satisfaction, so there is nothing to lose. Just see our workshop guarantee.

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Palm Beach, FL - November 20, 2020
Washington DC - December 16, 2020
Alexandria, VA - October 14, 2020
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Getting Federal Contracts
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Federal Contracting Workshops

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These are the things you will gain at the workshop. You will learn how to take part in the $Billions in golden opportunities. You will learn how to position yourself for the year-end and all the things you will need to get and keep federal contracts like:
Small Business Owners 
  • finding opportunities
  • targeting agencies
  • procurement trend analysis
  • finding key buyers to call
  • creating an action plan
  • winning expiring contracts
  • how to register properly in SAM
  • understanding the sole source method
  • identifying potential partners
  • teaming - mentor/protege
  • doing market research
  • knowing federal procurement regulations
  • participation in set-aside programs
  • reading and responding to RFP's, RFQ's
  • handling disputes and challenges
  • how to identify grant opportunities
  • and how to secure the money
Who Should Come
  • Registered Small Business contractors and those who desire to become one
  • Company Presidents, CEO's, COO's, CFO's
  • Business Development Management Staff
  • Companies that want more contracts, as well as those who desire their first contract
  • Companies with connections, and those that desire connections
  • Companies that want to learn more about the SBIR grant writing process

What You Will Take with You from the Workshop
  • A list of current opportunities in for your product or service.
  • Studies on the largest and latest awards in your primary NAICS code
  • A list of Contract Officers (CO's and KO's) that buy what you sell
  • A list of questions you should ask the CO/KO or SBS about the contracts
  • Our illustrated Presentation Manual on Federal Contracting
  • Four easy steps to getting your first contract. Learn them and you will suceed.

Architecture and Engineering
Innovation and Research Grants
The US government has set aside $2.8 Billion in direct grants this year and all of it is targeted to small business. Come and learn how to identify and obtain direct government research grants for your small business or agencySee how to qualify and win these grants!

Changes to Small Business Programs
Changes came into effect on in Janury 2016 with the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2015.  The law effects every woman owned small business in the US. You need to know how this change helps or how it hurts your business. These changes create parity with other socio-economic groups while lifting a cloud of confusion and the chains of severe limitation over the program.
We guarantee satisfaction or your Money Back.!  After you send the registration form, you must secure your seat separately with PAYPAL or a credit card.
Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email regarding the workshop and the items that you will need to bring to make your experience more useful and memorable. All Seminars run from 9AM to 4PM. Due to group size limitations we only accept the first 15 qualified businesses which apply.  We can not accept "walk-ins".  In advance, we prepare individually for each attendee. Sign up today. Seats go quickly. This Workshop is by invitation only. 

For the Small Business that Cannot Come
For beginners who cannot make the workshop or just do not have the budget but cannot stop thinking about all that business they are missing, we've put together our Government Business Starter Kit. The kit is designed to give the very small business sufficient market intelligence and a way to sell to the government and get paid immediately. Check it out.


If, after the workshop, you cannot answer these two questions positively then your money will be refunded on the spot, no questions asked. Are these opportunities real? Am I ready, willing and able to go after and win federal contracts?
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