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You are already aware that the federal government is the largest buyer of products and services in the world.  The federal government buys from virtually every category of commodity and service. That would include yours!   There is a plethora of  federally required set-aside contracts for these products and services with recurring needs that must be met. Below you will find a number of opportunities to promote your company to people who you can do business with, who buy your product or your service.

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USA Small Business Administration's (SBA) Letter to New Paradigm
SBA Ltr1.docx (DOCX — 96 KB)

GAO 8(a) Protest Denied

Recent Bid Protests Reviewed

Cybersecurity for Contractors Starting Oct. 1, 2017

DOL Announces New Higher Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Jan. 1, 2018

GSA to Authorize New Online Marketplaces


Trump Orders Cyber-Security Review - Creates  Opportunities for Contractors

Thornberry Acquisition Reform Bill Guts GSA Schedules

GSA Seeks Comments on Re
peal and Replace Law

New Law Will Make GSA Schedules Useless

The DLA Checks For Counterfeit Parts 

Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Closes in 2018

Presidential Actions On Regulatory Rollback

Buy American Hire American Executive Order Impact on Federal Contractors

BAHA Fed Con.docx (DOCX — 17 KB)

Late is Late When the Government Says its Late
Late is Late.docx (DOCX — 17 KB)

Trump Makes Cuts to Bloated HHS Budget
HHS Cuts.docx (DOCX — 15 KB)

Vicarious Anti-Kickback Liability Feared by Federal Contractors 

Congress to Repeal Contractor Blacklisting Rule

Leasing of Space to the GSA by Foreign Ownership Becomes Problematic

Obama Era Crippling Federal Regulations Under Fire

2016 DOD Finalized Cybersecurity Rules for Prime and Subcontractors

DOL to Issue New Rule Forcing Federal Contractors o Offer Paid Sick Leave

SBA Publishes New Rules Regarding Small Business Mentor Protégé

Minimum Wage, Non-discrimination and Paid Sick Leave Mandated for Federal Contractors, Primes and Subs

Preparing Your 8A for Graduation

GAO Report Say CO's and KO's Often Violate the Procurements Rules CLICK HERE

Four Things You Can Do Today to Double Your Federal Opportunities CLICK HERE

Women Get Sole Source Authority 12-31-2015

Supreme Court to Hear VA vs. SDVOSB Case


DC Department of Justice - Meet with a Small Business Specialist! - 3rd Tues. of each month. CLICK HERE

Small Business Mentor Protégé Program; Small Business Size Regulations; Government Contracting Programs; 8(a) Business Development/Small Disadvantaged Business Status Determinations; HUBZone Program; Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program; Rules of Procedure Governing Cases Before the Office of Hearings and Appeals
The Federal Register.docx (DOCX — 123 KB)

CALTRANS DBE Sample and Application Information


Federal Contract Awards by State( Click on the Link below then Save and Open for details):

Alabama  For 2016 Awards

Alaska  For 2015 Awards
AHAS2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Arizona  For 2015 Awards
AHAZ2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Arkansas For 2015 Awards
AHAK2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

California For 2016 Awards
AH California 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Colorado   For 2016 Awards
AH Colorado 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Connecticut For 2015 Awards
AHCN2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Delaware  For 2015 Awards

AHDE2015.xls (XLS — 760 KB)

District of Columbia For 2016  Awards

AH DC 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Florida A  For 2016 Awards

AH Florida 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Georgia   For 2016 Awards

AH Georgia 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Hawaii For 2015 Awards
AHHI2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Idaho  For 2015 Awards
AHID2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Illinois  For 2015 Awards
AHIL2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Indiana  For 2015 Awards
AHIN2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Iowa  For 2015 Awards
AHIO2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Kansas For 2015 Awards
AHKA2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Kentucky   For 2015 Awards
AHKN2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Louisiana  For 2016 Awards

AH Lousiana 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Maine  For 2015 Awards
AHME2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Maryland  For 2016 Awards

AH Maryland 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Massachusetts   For 2015 Awards
AHMA2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Michigan For 2015 Awards
AHMI2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Minnesota  For 2015 Awards
AHMN2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Mississippi  For 2016 Awards

Missouri For 2015 Awards
AHMO2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Montana For 2015 Awards
AHMT2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Nebraska  For 2015 Awards
AHNE2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Nevada  For 2015 Awards
AHNV2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

New Hampshire For 2015 Awards
AHNH2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

New Jersey  For 2015 Awards
AHNJ2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

New Mexico  For 2015 Awards
AHNM2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

New York   For 2016 Awards

AH New York 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

North Carolina   For 2015 Awards
AHNC2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

North Dakota  For 2015 Awards
AHND2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Ohio Awards  For 2015 Awards
AHOH2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Oklahoma Awards  For 2015 Awards
AHOK2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Oregon Awards For 2015 Awards
AHOR2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Pennsylvania  For 2015 Awards
AHPE2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Rhode Island  For 2015 Awards
AHRI2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

South Carolina For 2015 Awards
AHSC2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

South Dakota For 2015 Awards
AHSD2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Tennessee   For 2015 Awards
AHTN2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Texas  For 2016 Awards

AH Texas 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Utah For 2015 Awards
AHUT2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Vermont For 2015 Awards
AHVT2015.xls (XLS — 941 KB)

Virginia For 2016 Awards

AH Virginia 2016.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Washington For 2015 Awards
AHWA2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

West Virginia  For 2015 Awards
AHWV2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Wisconsin For 2015 Awards
AHWS2015.xls (XLS — 1 MB)

Wyoming  For 2015 Awards
AHWY2015.xls (XLS — 990 KB)

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Sm. Business Innovation Research Program: How it Works & How to Qualify

Qualifying NAICS codes for EDWOSB and WOSB

Doing Business with the DOD  

Doing Business with the DLA

FAR Section 19.301-2

Primes for Partners:
Primes for Partners.docx (DOCX — 54 KB)

Top 100 Engineering Prime Contactors Report FY 2016

Top 100 Commercial Construction Prime Contractors 2016

Top 100 Facilities Support Prime Contractors 2016

Top 100 Computer Systems Design Contractors 2016

Top 100 Custom Computer Programming Prime Contractors 2016

Top 100 Administrative Management and Support Prime Contractors 2016

DOD Primes
DOD Primes.xlsx (XLSX — 157 KB)

Women Owned Small Business Workshop Agenda 

WOSB Workshop Agenda.docx (DOCX — 18 KB)


Small Business Workshop Agenda

SB Workshop Agenda.docx (DOCX — 19 KB)

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