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We Develop Your Federal Business Pipeline
White houseEach year billions of dollars bypass firms that do not know how to sell to the Federal Government or do not want to go through the work to receive, process and submit bids. New Paradigm's mission is to make sure that its clients understand the process and are properly equipped to actually win Federal business. For businesses that are currently doing business with the Federal Government, NPM's mission is quite simple. We combine the world's most powerful Federal contracting intelligence sources with one of the finest networks of consultants and attorneys to "assist businesses in acquiring more contracts now".

Get Serious WOSB
Government Grants
Our staff includes experience, successful and talented grant writers and researchers. Turn heads with your application and win monies for your small business or agency! Our experts can help you do that. Contact us and let us show you how to get part of the over $500 Billion to be awarded by grant agencies next year.
Get Serious-We Are
We prefer to work with firms who have moved beyond the basics and are ready to get serious about developing their Federal market opportunities. Succeeding in this arena requires a focused effort up front to unravel the red tape. We competitively position your company so you not only have the right to do business with the government but the know-how. We provide the most federal contracting intelligence available anywhere in the world along with personalized service from start to finish so you are truly set up for success. We will become an integral part of your business development team to help you and your staff  become successful in this marketplace!
Sole Source Contracting
Everything we do aims toward the goal of positioning our clients to participate in this arena using the six powerful techniques for "Sole Source Contracting." Means and methods are developed by asking insightful questions that empower our clients into the sole source contracting arena. This single idea can make a millionaire out of a street merchant or a billionaire out of a college kid. It has happened many times over to people you already know. It could and should happen to you, but you may never find out if you do not call.
Long Term Steady Revenue
We assist you in developing a long-term steady revenue source for your business. The federal government and the Department of The Defense put out 5,000 to 10,000 contracts a day for services, parts and products. We help our clients locate opportunities, make decisions, and follow through.
Our engineering staff, knowing our client's capabilities and armed with sophisticated automated systems, review those requirements. Then the engineer will locate and attach drawings and technical documents. He will also email the client market intelligence like who made it last, in what quantity and at what price. The client decides whether or not and at what price to bid. Simply stated, if you want to sell your products or services to the Department of Defense and the Federal Government we can help.
Manufacturing or Services
Selling to the government is not just about winning contracts. It is about understanding their systems, their processes and knowing their people. After you win a contract you must still deal with the Leviathan, a voracious one indeed. A single change order can kill your profits, but if you understand the "claims process," it can increase them. Proper reporting is essential to success. We can help you with this.
Consultation - Business Development

New Paradigm can join you and be an integral part of your marketing team. Pricing for this type service is customized to the client and your company's needs.

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