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Position Yourself  for the Coming/ Renewing Federal Contracts 

Second quarter 2018 is gone.
Third quarter is here. Fourth quarter is just in front of us. Contracts are coming down. Buyers are getting anxious about awarding new contracts. We get you in front of the right people and make your company relevant to the conversation.

New Paradigm offers this powerful business development service.

We will:
1. Identify up to 50 or 100 buyers who buy what you sell. 
2. Get your company in front of ter just in front of ushem.
3. Identify contracts that you can do.
4. Speak with the KO/CO about these and other contracts for you.
5. Raise his/her awareness of your company and capabilities.

6. Send you a written report with the complete list of buyers that we called.

7. Learn if immediate opportunities are available.

8. Our goal is to identify 2 to 4 immediate opportunities for you and 5 to 10 buyers who you can do business with regularly and how.

Send us your capability statement for a free on line review. ([email protected])

Time to make a decision, because time is running out.

Call us to talk about how we can help. 954-533-7084 or 954-560-6081

Get in Front of the Contract Officers Who Buy What You Sell
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